What do you say about common RPG that takes hundred of hours to take to the last boss? Boring. Let's take all this "boring" stuff like grinding and squash it to the 5 second leveling with character building. And FACE THE BIG BAD GUY!


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Nice game :D simiiar to this game https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/649289, which is also super funny :


Interesting concept, but I found that there is a win the game perk that caused the game to just stop.

Love this. It's a little heavy on RNG but that works well considering how short the game is. I would love to see more skills and abilities but I could see myself playing this for hours just to see the random results 


i LOVE this idea. If you turn it in a much more puzzle-roguelike game where u can defeat the boss with a lot of strategies (using different strategies), remove the randomness on skill, and add more boss (with different point of strength) that can become a GREAT game

Very interesting concept and I love what there is of this game-- I echo many other comments here in that I'd love to see this as a more fleshed out game in some way!


Other than the ascension perk, which kind of ruins the feel of the game, this is very fun. Some extra work on enemy design and more depth in the builds and I would buy it.

funny, a little tooo easy though XD

While it's not very polished or balanced and is more than a bit buggy, it's still pretty damn funny and gets everything across that it's trying to! one of my favorites so far!

This is a very nice idea! It's quick and fun, not very polished but it can be improved upon.

However, I find that Skills are basically useless, as 3-4 perks already guarantee you the kill. Also, even when I picked skills, it was not obvious when and how I used them, I just spammed the button. There could be a visual indicator or a sound fx when you activate a skills.